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HTTP Digest Authentication with Squid

Recently, we have seen how to use Squid as a Reverse Proxy, knowing that the primary objective of the product is to be used as a proxy internet. In this guide, I want to offer one of 3 different authentication for Squid I use most: http digest authentication. http digest is an easy way to manage the users through… Read More »

Install CentOS/RHEL 7 remotely using VNC

In this tutorial we will see how to install graphically CentOS 7 remotely, by connecting to the server via VNC. This guide is especially useful if you are installing in virtualized environments such as VMware, Proxmox, Citrix, etc., where the console is not usable at 100% or do not want to throw us too, all thanks to the change… Read More »

Guide to Tar command

The command Tar (Tape Archive) is used to create file archives. It is often used with the combination of compression programs such as gzip and bzip2 to reduce the size of archvi and occupy less space. In this guide we will look at the main options to use Tar and a small tutorial on using to back up your data… Read More »

x2Go to access a PC remotely

X2Go is a useful application for remote access which is especially appreciated for its high fluidity. To benefit from the latest version available is advisable to install the application from the specific PPA (personal package archive) for x2Go stableThis is a system that is based on NX technology (the same is also based in the NoMachine), which provided… Read More »