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Enable the EPEL repository on CentOS/RedHat 5/6

The EPEL repository, maintained by the team of fedoraproject, give us the ability to install additional packages such as htop, nagios, etc. multitail with the yum command. By default in RedHat or CentOS, are not allowed because it is not considered stable or reliable. Let’s see how to enable them on CentOS 5.*/6.* or RHEL 5.*/6.*. The first… Read More »

HTTP Digest Authentication with Squid

Recently, we have seen how to use Squid as a Reverse Proxy, knowing that the primary objective of the product is to be used as a proxy internet. In this guide, I want to offer one of 3 different authentication for Squid I use most: http digest authentication. http digest is an easy way to manage the users through… Read More »

Understand PAM

PAM stands for Pluggable Authentication Modules. It’s a mechanism used to define authentication policies. If you go to the /etc/pam.d directory, you can find a lot of files, each linked to a different application. Let’s take the /etc/pam.d/halt file as a first example: #%PAM-1.0 auth sufficient pam_rootok.so auth required pam_console.so #auth include system-auth account required pam_permit.so According to… Read More »