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Installare Spacewalk su CentOS 6 (7)

Spacewalk è un prodotto open source per la gestione centralizzata di sistemi Linux, grazie a una comoda interfaccia web. La caratteristica principale di Spacewalk è la gestione centralizzata degli aggiornamenti di tutte le distrubzioni derivate da RedHat, come ad esempio CentOS, Fedora, Scientific Linux ecc. Ma questa è una delle tante funzionalità del prodotto, dove troveremo anche la possibilità… Read More »

How to clear the cache Squid and recreate

How do I know where is the Squid cache in the Linux Filesystem, and recreate it as empty? The Squid cache stores the pages that are made by the client in order to return more quickly on subsequent requests without having to re-download every time the same page from the internet. It may happen, however, of having to… Read More »

HTTP Digest Authentication with Squid

Recently, we have seen how to use Squid as a Reverse Proxy, knowing that the primary objective of the product is to be used as a proxy internet. In this guide, I want to offer one of 3 different authentication for Squid I use most: http digest authentication. http digest is an easy way to manage the users through… Read More »

Guide to Tar command

The command Tar (Tape Archive) is used to create file archives. It is often used with the combination of compression programs such as gzip and bzip2 to reduce the size of archvi and occupy less space. In this guide we will look at the main options to use Tar and a small tutorial on using to back up your data… Read More »