Add a new hard disk on Proxmox

By | Luglio 11, 2015

Days ago I had the need to install a new hard drive on my server Proxmox; after I mounted configuration hard drive.simplicity of the new resource has left me a little mouth .to list what you can configure the new drive installed:

  1. You create a new partition table, Formatting with ext3, ext4 or better in xfs and then you mount the file system manually or through the fstab file.
  2. Now you create a new folder in the directory where we put the disk (in my case /srv).
    mkdir /srv/{isos,images,templates,backups,containers}
  3.  Finally web interface Proxmox create storage resources of type directory.


Another way of configuration is to create a LVM volume group to store virtual machine disks in logical volume.Used this method in a cluster with a SAN shared Proxmox.

  1.  It creates a new physical volume
    pvcreate /dev/mapper/mpath0
  2. You create a new volume group
    vgcreate "test" /dev/mapper/mpath0
  3. In the Web hooks the new volume group server . Proxmox.lvm

From the drop-down menu select the desired volume and you’re done.

We can also think of increasing our existing logical volume with the new har disk.Di default the physical volume is pve-data.

  1. Create a new physical volume
    pvcreate /dev/sdb
  2.  Extend Volume Group in default
    vgextend pve /dev/sdb
  3. Extend the logical volume (data) with
    lvextend /dev/mapper/pve-data /dev/sdb
  4. Check the file system
    fsck -nv /dev/mapper/pve-data
  5. resize
    resize2fs -F /dev/mapper/pve-data